Jeffrey Lee


Associate, Project Manager


TEL: 415.931.8600


Having held a key position in all project phases, Jeffrey’s high level of competency is proven with his ability to simultaneously manage multiple, large-scale projects. Consultants and contractors seek his meticulous approach to problem-solving while clients appreciate his transparency throughout the design process. Jeffrey sees architectural spaces not as mere, resultant products of the merging of multiple disciplines, but as experiential moments to be mutually cherished. With 12 years of experience, Jeffrey attributes his managing strategy to a focus on inclusive collaboration.

Jeffrey embraces the demanding complexities of the project management experience. During his concurrent management of four California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) projects involving renovation and additions to existing facilities, design and construction of new primary care clinics, and extensive site improvements to meet ADA Standards compliance, his team of 20 persons effectively resolved clash detection issues using Building Information Technology (BIM) software, addressed issues involving existing site conditions, and met projected schedules for construction. His role as project manager was prefaced with a leading role during the construction administration phase of the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, in which he coordinated with the construction manager, contractor, and consultants to assure seamless production. Jeffrey is currently co-chair of the FCA Computer & Technology Committee.



Architectural Design, Healthcare, Institutional, Correctional, Project Management, Contract Documents, Construction Administration, BIM, Clash Detection, Construction Coordination



Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of California, Berkeley