Department of state hospitals infrastructure master plan

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The California Department of State Hospitals (DSH) required an Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP) which would establish a framework for strategic development for the Department for the next twenty years. DSH operates five hospital campuses comprised of over 400 existing buildings – Atascadero State Hospital, Metropolitan State Hospital, Coalinga State Hospital, Patton State Hospital and Napa State Hospital.

The IMP will address four primary tasks. First, the existing DSH campus real estate assets will be determined, categorized, and evaluated. Second, the existing operational and infrastructure strengths and weaknesses will be researched and documented. Third, an analysis of projected patient population changes and project impacts on current infrastructure will be performed. Lastly, FCA will develop a phased infrastructure upgrade plan to address existing deficiencies and accommodate planned growth for each of the campuses.

The IMP will incorporate DSH's top priorities of safety, treatment, and responsibility, while also considering environmental sustainability, economic development, and campus infrastructure needs in the form of Capital Outlay, Special Repair, and Technology Services projects. Ultimately, the IMP is to provide a clear path forward for DSH's continued operation and a framework for responsible decision-making as DSH adapts to the needs of the future.



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6,200,000 gross square feet


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