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Virtual Reality and Architecture

Taihui Li, LEED AP B+C

Virtual Reality moves the architecture industry forward.

2019 Design Trends.jpg

Design Trends 2019

Renee Bautista

A look at the current trends in design through color, tradeshows, and expositions.


Living Off The Grid - how to do it and why?

Connie Ma, LEED AP

An exploration of the off-the-grid movement: how and why people are doing it, practical concerns and some existing OTG communities.


MEDIA ARCHITECTURE: Past, Present, and Future

Xuhao Wu, LEED AP BD+C

An introduction to Media Architecture - wherein structures themselves are devised as communication tools. Advertising, art, business, and social issues drive the industry. We look at the projects from Germany to Canada, from historic displays to the cutting edge.



Wesley Harkonen

From sci-fi novelties to real life healthcare companions, robots have come a long way to being incorporated in the modern world.


Innovative Solutions for Housing the Homeless

Rachel Peters

A look at some of the challenges contributing to homelessness in the Bay Area and possible solutions.



Renee Bautista

Nearly halfway through 2018, FCA reflects on the top design trends of this year. We look at new possibilities in lighting as LED technology moves forward. We consider creative ways to incorporate elements of nature in design. We discuss the color of the year, the use of residential finishes in commercial design, and the pop-ups that seem to be popping up everywhere.


The Future Of Sustainability IS Now - 2017 Sustainability ForEcast

Athena Carter, LEED AP: BD + C

We are always looking ahead. For 2017's Sustainability Forecast, we challenged ourselves to take a look at current trends and how these concepts could shape our future.

Design as an ongoing synergy between human experience and the environment is the basis for this Sustainability Forecast. For 2017, we considered how people will live, work, and play in the future of our cities and what codes and regulations set the boundaries or precedence for innovation. These insights will give our clients an insider understanding of the sustainable design issues that we as a community will face in the next decade.


CommercIal Design Trend Forecast for 2017

Stephanie Lee, LEED AP: ID+C

With the start of 2017, we put together a selection of the top 5 commercial design trends we are looking forward to in 2017.

At the beginning of every year, every industry claims to have a new theme or trend that defines their year. Some argue against following trends because of their cyclical nature, but in my opinion, it is imperative for design industries to stay current and constantly pushing the boundaries of conventional thought to remain relevant. Trends bring new challenges and new concepts to inform our designs.


David G. Fong Interview - designing For the Human Spirit

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