High Desert state prison - health care facility improvement program


High Desert State Prison (HDSP) is an adult male prison with custody Level I, III, and IV inmates in the City of Susanville, Lassen County, California. The project includes three sub-projects to remedy the deficiencies in the health care components established by the California Correctional Health care Services (CCHCS) Program and includes construction of new buildings, renovation of existing buildings, infrastructure, and ancillary improvements.

Program areas include rooms for sterilization, mental health interview, dental operatory, primary care exams, optical services, telemed storage, medication distribution, and other support spaces. The sub-projects are designed for sustainability based on the Green Building Code. The renovation and expansion of the Primary Care Clinics at Facilities A, B, C, and D provide primary care services and clinical support space to inmates at each facility. The new Administrative Segregation Unit (ASU) Primary Care Clinic provides separate clinical treatment space for the prison's ASU population. The existing Central Health Services building is reconfigured, renovated, and expanded for specialty and pharmacy services to provide basic level of care. The existing pharmacy underwent a similar process to meet the pharmaceutical demands of the prison's out-patient population and to support IV therapy treatments. The work is designed in accordance to multiple standards and guidelines using Building Information Modeling (BIM).



Susanville, California


Under Construction 2017


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Project Features

Primary Care Exam Rooms
Dental Operatory
Pharmacy Services
Optical Services