Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma center

Modernizing Public Healthcare

The San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center (SFGH) project consists of the design of a new 284-bed, 9-story, state-of-the-art general acute care hospital for the City and County of San Francisco. The new hospital will provide a humanistic, culturally competent, and healing health service environment, and incorporates leading practices of sustainable design, patient comfort, cost effective construction and efficient hospital operation. Building departments include diagnostic and treatment facilities, an emergency trauma center, and auxiliary support and administration areas.

The concept design of the building was heavily influenced by the interior layout and operation of the hospital, as well as by the materiality and form of the neighboring historic buildings.

The overall building form consists of three primary components – a three-story, rectangular diagnostic and treatment podium, a six-story patient bed tower comprised of two offset half rounds, and a seven-story, parallelogram tower housing a majority of the hospital’s support, utility and vertical conveyance systems as well as patient isolation bedrooms. The shape of each building component was selected for its effectiveness in accommodating the extensive program and for optimizing the operational flow and efficiency of every hospital department. Furthermore, the circular form of the patient bed tower “opens-up” the building’s corners to permits expansive views of the outdoors, and to maximize the view to the adjacent historic buildings from Potrero Avenue.

The design features and materials employed on the building exterior project a modern image, while still complementing existing campus architecture. The use of brick and intricate brick detailing recalls construction of the past, and forms both a visual and material tie to the adjacent historic buildings. The prolific use of glazing highlights the transparency of the structure, resulting in an inviting and non-institutional experience for the building occupant. Horizontal perforated sunscreens encircle the glazed curtain-wall facades of the patient bed tower to control solar heat gain. Vegetated, vertical sunscreens are incorporated at the podium and the patient bed tower, not only to block morning and afternoon sun, but also to introduce nature into the building for a healing environment.

The building also incorporates a based isolated foundation system to provide on-going operation after major seismic activities.

The [San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center} is a beautiful design. You are the best hospital architects.
— Mitchell Katz, Director, Department of Public Health, City and County of San Francisco