Merrithew Memorial Hospital - Public Health and clinical laboratory


This project is for the construction of a new stand-alone, two-story laboratory building with a rooftop mechanical penthouse and ground floor mechanical shed at the Contra Costa County Regional Medical Center, Martinez, California.  The new building will house the County Public Health Laboratory and Contra Costa Regional Medical Center’s (MMH)Clinical laboratory, pathology laboratory, morgue, and autopsy.

This project involved complex utilities tie-in to the existing Hospital Work. because the project is contains the required hospital laboratory component, it falls under OSHPD jurisdiction. Due to the tight and hilly site, the project also required creative and extensive amount of site work to accommodate parking, loading area and tie-in to the existing hospital. Because of the proximity of the building and visibility to the existing hospital patient room, this project try to provide a sense of separation by creating a serene landscape courtyard and carefully design the massing to screen the view of the loading zone.