In 1982, founding partners David Fong and Chiu Lin Tse-Chan established Fong & Chan Architects with four founding principles: create great architecture, serve the client, give back to the community, and raise the status of the architect in society. The firm's first commission was for the San Francisco International Airport, a $150 million project consisting of master planning, preliminary design, schematic design, design guidelines, and cost estimating. The success of this project paved the way for other leading projects at FCA, exemplifying the rewards of hard work, quality services, and enduring patience.



Our senior staff upholds the firm's belief in fostering the professional growth of well-rounded young professionals. We ensure that our junior staff are fully immersed in all practice aspects, from preliminary design to project closeout. Principals communicate directly with junior staff to reinforce the practice of peer-to-peer working relationships. The office also supports accreditation testing, licensing exams, and continuing education.



The office environment that we provide is inclusive and encourages both collaboration and comradery. Professional and personal interests extend beyond what we do, and the sharing of our diverse perspectives and experiences is part of our office culture. This occurs during weekly breakfast presentations, monthly happy hours, regular Lunch & Learn seminars, and the typical desk gatherings. We operate as a business, but function as a family.