Client Focused

Projects are designed for people, so we emphasize dialogue throughout all project phases. Our relationship with our clients is built upon a collaborative process which aims to develop solutions sensitive to a project's aesthetic, operational, and fiscal needs.

FCA_Complex Projects

process driven

Designing for the needs of tomorrow, we anticipate industry evolution, determine spatial balances, plan for efficiency, and distill options. We work on complex projects, but we do not design complicated spaces. 

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FCA_Team Approach

Team of specialists

Project planning is the practice of assessing talent and building teams. Every building is unique and so are the people who create them. We know that not one of us holds all the answers in this interdisciplinary practice, so we bring together teams of specialists to generate the optimal solution. 

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Backed By Expertise

Expertise is acquired through experience and research. Considering our prior work and examining the works of others provides a knowledge base for developing solutions-based thinking. Expertise is active. It is fostered through a desire for betterment and passion for solving problems.

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